Jack Standing, National Head of Advice for Wealth Today talks about how they use AdviceOS by Midwinter to support their business and advisers.

“Wealth Today is a national financial services licensee. Our main focus is on being an enabler for our advisers, ensuring they are able to provide sound and strategic advice.

“Predominantly, our team operates and checks all pieces of advice coming out of the business from a compliance standpoint, we provide education and training to our advisers, as well as reviewing investments and financial products for the APL.

“Wealth Today as a licensee, as well as all of our advisers, use AdviceOS.

“There were two things that we were looking to solve when we brought AdviceOS into Wealth Today.

“One was improving speed and efficiency, both from an advice creation standpoint as well as an advice checking and compliance standpoint. The other was monitoring and managing FDS obligation and risk.

“The partnership with Midwinter has been exceptional. One of the main things that we’ve gained and really like from the partnership is the level of collaboration between Wealth Today and Midwinter. We provide a fair amount of feedback organically from us, but it’s also sought directly from Midwinter.

“Wealth Today, as a result of the partnership with Midwinter, has received a significant improvement in the look through of our advisers. This is really important to us given the method of advice checking and compliance that we follow.

“Being able to access all of our advisers’ files when reviewing any piece of advice, but also ensuring the ongoing management of the FDS obligations. has been very valuable.

“Also, the technical support from Midwinter has been outstanding on a number of levels.

“AdviceOS has helped my job personally and certainly that of the entire advice team become more straight forward through streamlining the advice checking process and ensuring that we are able to monitor FDS obligations on an ongoing basis, very easily.

“AdviceOS, to us has, provided a significant amount of efficiency in addition the ability to interact and communicate with your clients on a bulk as well as on a tailored level, as well as ensure that any primary risk areas, be that asset allocation, be that FDS, whatever that may be, is really easily able to be managed.”

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