Comprehensive onboarding services to help you make the most of your investment in AdviceOS.

Midwinter’s comprehensive on-boarding process is delivered to all new AdviceOS clients.

It’s designed to help you get set-up, trained and using AdviceOS quickly and easily, ensuring you make the most of your investment in AdviceOS.

Data Migration

Our team can help migrate your existing data to AdviceOS.

We offer basic and advanced data migration services, depending on what data you wish to migrate to AdviceOS.

You can find out more about our data migration service in this data sheet. Our sales team can help advise what the process and cost will be based on your requirements and where the data originates.

Template Customisation

Midwinter provides templates that can be used out of the box with no customization required.

If you want something that’s unique to your Dealer Group or Practice, we offer custom templating packages to set-up your SOA, ROA, email and other templates.

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