Unleash your potential with the Paraplanning Partners Program

At Midwinter, your success is our priority. We understand the crucial role efficient paraplanning plays in your business; that’s why we’ve created the Paraplanning Partners Program.

For Advice Businesses

This program connects Midwinter’s clients with a network of highly skilled paraplanning professionals trained in and using the Midwinter software, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient delivery of paraplanning and administrative services.

The unique paraplanning license creates a secure and streamlined way for paraplanners to access client records. This facilitates the seamless delivery of services, making the paraplanners an integral part of your internal team while maintaining the external support advantage.

This program streamlines your search for qualified, reliable paraplanning services. Instead of vetting individual paraplanners or services, turn to our trusted network of partners. Advice businesses can enjoy the flexibility of working with different paraplanning businesses within our network to best fit your varying needs.

For Licensees

Enhance your value proposition to prospective advice businesses by offering access to Midwinter’s trusted network of paraplanning professionals. Offering an efficient and reliable paraplanning solution from the get-go means advice businesses can get up and running quicker, and licensees can attract and onboard new advice businesses more effectively. 

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Whether you are an advice business, or licensee, get in touch with your Business Development Manager directly or our friendly Sales team today to find out how the Paraplanning Partners Program can help you.

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The program will help streamline your operations, allowing you to provide faster and more efficient services to your clients.


Midwinters Paraplanning Partners Program offers opportunities for collaboration between advice and paraplanning businesses at a fraction of the cost of employing similar capabilities in-house.

Whole-of-Business Solution

This service can provide administrative support to assist with research, pre-meeting documentation, and implementation tasks, breaking down barriers to software utilisation.

Privacy & Security

With layers of data security and client identity protection, advisers can be sure their clients’ data is secure.

Our Partners

For Paraplanning Businesses

This program offers a unique license to the Midwinter Financial Advice software, setting you up to blend seamlessly into any practice and enhance your service delivery, all at a lower cost.

By joining, you gain the opportunity to tap into an expansive network of financial advisors, potential collaborators, and businesses in need of paraplanning services, amplifing your visibility and opening a door to new clients.

If you’re a paraplanning business interested in participating in the program and becoming part of the Midwinter paraplanning network, please contact Midwinter to register your interest by completing the form below.

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