Scaled Advice

Scaled advice provides tools to model and advise clients around important decisions including superannuation contributions, retirement and transition to retirement. 

Sacaled Advice is available as part of the Strategy Module in AdviceOS.

Contribution Optimiser

Determine the best combination of concessional and non-concessional contributions that will provide the highest possible net contribution to super.

Contribution Optimiser helps determine whether a concessional contribution or non-concessional contribution will provide the greatest net contribution at a given assessable income level.

  1. Calculate the best way for your clients to contribute to their superannuation.
  2. Choose to enter client details for the calculation or update them from the fact find.
  3. Make amendments to your clients’ existing income, tax and investment situation.
  4. View projections for: existing cashflow, existing super projections, recommended cashflow & recommended super projections.


Midwinter’s Retirement Modelling feature is a simple yet fully comprehensive retirement modelling tool for singles or couples.

It will help map out your client’s financial position in retirement and is perfect for clients who may be retiring now or within the next 10 years.

  1. Model how long clients’ funds will last in retirement.
  2. View cashflow and capital projections.
  3. Compare existing and recommended retirement scenarios
  4. Access comparison graphs for both income and capital comparisons


The transitions feature provides a complete transition to retirement optimisation tool.

In a matter of seconds, Transitions will automatically determine the optimal level of pension income and additional superannuation contribution levels required to provide your clients with the maximum increase in total superannuation benefits.

It compares your client’s current situation with the recommended transition to retirement strategy, and in doing so, potentially provides a reasonable basis for recommending this strategy.

  1. Model the benefits of a TTR strategy for an individual client.
  2. Perform super and pension platform comparisons.
  3. Create quick reports for pension and superannuation products.
  4. View projections for existing cashflow, existing super projections, recommended cashflow & recommended super projections.

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