We are excited to announce a new feature within AdviceOS, planned to launch in an upcoming release. Recognising the industry’s trajectory towards digital documentation and servicing clients remotely, we will be launching an integration of DocuSign within AdviceOS to allow users to send and receive documents with eSignature functionality.

This integration will allow a user to send documents from AdviceOS, via Docusign, to your clients and for these signed and returned documents to be stored in AdviceOS for compliance and record keeping purposes.

Key highlights of this enhancement:

  • Integrate your DocuSign account with AdviceOS. This can be done at the Practice, Office and/or User level. Once the initial set up is complete, individual profiles can authorise their own access to the integration.
  • Advisers can initiate eSignature requests directly from the Document section of AdviceOS, enabling clients to sign and return documents electronically. When the client actions and returns these documents, the adviser will be notified via email and Midwinter will upload and file the returned version of the document into AdviceOS.
  • This streamlines the authorization process, enhances client experience, and if required enables Practices to expedite time-sensitive documents.
  • The integration is a one-time setup process. After the initial integration and authorisation, your advisers can use this functionality whenever it is required.
  • While this integration currently focuses on DocuSign, Midwinter will be exploring other eSignature software platforms for potential consideration in future releases.

We will continue to refine and expand on this functionality based on user feedback and experiences, and will provide an update again once this functionality is available soon.

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