We have added a feature to manage Fixed Term Agreements in AdviceOS. This is located in the Advanced Admin section and available now to everyone who subscribes to the CRM or Advanced Admin modules.  

Fixed Term Agreements (FTA) allow a Licensee or Practice to charge a client fees for a period of 12 months or less. These are suitable for clients who do not wish to sign up for an ongoing fee arrangement.  

AdviceOS supports FTA processes by allowing users to track start and end dates, payment methods and fees, and relevant reminder dates against a client. This information can then be quickly and easily generated into an FTA template. 

Here are the four steps to create an FTA in AdviceOS: 

  1. Create a Fixed Term Agreement: Navigate to Advanced Admin where you’ll have the capability to setup an agreement based off an individual or client group.  
  1. Record relevant date information: Set and manage reminders to ensure your practice or licensee will be notified accurately.   
  1. Select the correct services & fees applicable: Adjust the relevant platform fees and services to fit your needs.   
  1. Publish, generate FTA and record responses: Once you have completed all of the steps above, you’re now ready to publish your agreement. 

Questions & support 

If you need further assistance, please check out the FTA user guide in our Help Centre (accessible from AdviceOS) or contact our friendly customer support team.


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