We’re Retiring Silverlight Across AdviceOS

At midwinter, we’re continually working on improvements to AdviceOS to better support our clients and keep up with the changing technological landscape.

To this end, we are retiring all of our older Silverlight features as of 1 September 2020.

This functionality is already available in HTML5, and many clients are already using these enhanced HTML5 modules. If you are still using the older versions we urge you to make the transition to the new versions now.

If there is a reason you want to continue using the old modules please contact us to discuss. (Note that there is a hard deadline of December 2020 to retire all old functionality.)


With HTML5 you are no longer limited to using AdviceOS on Explorer and Firefox. These new modules provide a better user interface and can be used across any major browser, including Microsoft Edge and Chrome.

All of the existing functionality is available in HTML5 and our screen by screen approach has led to an enhanced user experience with minimal upskill required.

This update means you can now use AdviceOS on your tablet. The application will also load on your phone if you need to access it while out and about (although the screens are only optimised for tablets and desktop computers).

What’s changing

Product to Product and Retirement

All modelling is now available in HTML5.

The Product to Product features have been replaced by Product Comparison which allows you to:

  • Produce the same reports and analysis;
  • Conduct best interest / safe harbour very easily;
  • Set up and re-use hypothetical portfolios;
  • Create limited/scaled SoAs without going to Planbuilder.

The Retirement module has also been updated to HTML5. This was introduced over a year ago and we have seen an increase in overall usage of the retirement module since then.

System and Advanced Administration

All system admin, FDS management and advanced administration functionality is now available in HTML5.

These enhanced features have been available for a while and we have seen most clients already transition across to the updated versions.

Modelling Calculators

The calculators available in AdviceOS are also being retired from 1 September 2020.

The functionality available in these calculators has been made available in different areas of AdviceOS. The majority of this functionality can now be found in the digital calculator section of ‘Advice Concepts‘.

The two most popular calculators, the Centrelink and Loans Calcuators, are available in the Digital Calculator section.

These new calculators provide richer reporting capabilites and use the exact same ‘engine’ as all digital calculators and SoAs.

Training & Support

If you require further training or support for these new modules, you can find training videos and documents in our Help Centre, or contact our support team for assistance.

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