Advice Concepts Hub Launched

The Advice Concepts Hub provides seven digital calculators that make it easy for advisers to walk through simple scenarios with clients and demonstrate the effects of implementing these strategies in person.

This hub currently includes seven digital calculators that are also available for client’s to access through Midwinter’s Client Portal.

These calculators include:

  • Retirement – project how likely a client will achieve their retirement income and lifestyle goals;
  • Insurance – understand how much is required to protect your client and their family;
  • Loans – project how quickly a loan can be paid off with different repayments;
  • Investment Choice;
  • Contributions – project different contribution strategies to understand their impact on your client’s final balance at retirement;
  • Education – project how much is needed to for your client meet their education goals for their children;
  • Transition To Retirement (TTR) – project the effect a TTR could have on your client’s income in the years leading up to retirement;
  • Centrelink – estimate how much of the aged pension your client is eligible to receive.

The calculators provide a simple and straightforward way for Advisers to walk a client through each scenario in person.

Details such as indexation can be managed in the calculator settings and outputs can be generated into a standard template.

The Advice Concepts Hub is available for anyone who has access to the Strategy Module. You can access these calculators in AdviceOS under Modelling > Calculators.

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