Midwinter system status monitor graphic

View Midwinter’s software uptime with our new system status monitor.

Midwinter’s Chief Technology Officer, Fraser Hamilton, has introduced a new system status monitor providing visibility of Midwinter’s software uptime.

We know how important it is for clients to be able to access their software whenever they need it; this webpage creates transparency of our software’s current and historical uptime.

Midwinter has existing monitoring tools and procedures that our team uses to maintain operational capability of the software. Through the system status monitor, clients now have a view into those tools.

Since introducing the system status monitor in July 2022, the software uptime has been 100%.

This supports other Midwinter uptime initiatives including a recent major upgrade to the automated test framework which allows us to instil new features at a rapid pace whilst upholding quality.

The monitor is available to all Midwinter’s clients through the public webpage.

Click here to view the system status monitor.

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