Spend time where it matters – building client relationships – not formatting advice documents.

Midwinter has launched a new module that provides customised advice documents including SOA, ROA, FDS and Fact Find for a low monthly fee.

The new Managed Advice Documents module offers a simple and cost-effective advice document management solution for Practices and AFSLs.

It uses Midwinter’s standard advice document templates and applies styling and content changes, such as custom disclaimers and risk profiles, to tailor these to the customer’s requirements.

Midwinter’s advice document templates have been created based on years of customer feedback, reviewed by a financial services law firm, and are regularly updated in line with legislative changes.

By using the Managed Advice Documents module, customers benefit from best-practice advice documents that have been designed to support compliance requirements and are tailored to their business, without the cost and effort of developing their own custom documents.

Managed Advice Documents is available now to all AdviceOS customers.

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