In this video Matt Tuson, Director, Senior Financial Planner & Mortgage Broker of MWT Financial Solutions explains how he uses AdviceOS by Midwinter to support his advice practice.

“The Midwinter software we use in our practice is AdviceOS. Brilliant piece of software. I absolutely love the package and the solution that we’ve adopted for our business.”

“One of the biggest things we were looking at was efficiency in our practice. With a lot of the previous software packages that I was utilising, what would happen is, it would take so long to get the outcome for the actual client, just because of the complexities around their packages.”

“The biggest thing was an efficiency piece with Midwinter. It’s incredibly simple to use, very easy to understand, so with our support team they can literally have no experience, no skillset in financial planning and be able to pick up and utilise the CRM system that Midwinter offer.”

“We can literally load a client from start to finish within about an hour and a half. From full data entry to essentially producing an advice document as well as all the compliance documents along the way.”

“The key benefits that we’ve experienced with using the AdviceOS system through Midwinter is just having more time to spend with clients. Our clients get the benefit of being able to have timely advice documents that are compliant and tailored to their situation.”

“From a compliance perspective, all of our compliance data is in one tab, so we know exactly where we are at any given point with a particular client.”

“AdviceOS would be suitable for any type of business, whether it be medium to large business.”

“Being a smaller practice, we find the Midwinter offering and support staff incredibly helpful. We have a designated account manager so if there are any issues we can go directly to our account manager to be able to rectify the issues.”

“AdviceOS from Midwinter has made our job so much easier. The data is at our fingertips, we can create advice documents in a timely manner, and overall, the actual modelling software is incredibly efficient and easy to use.”

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