BT is migrating all client accounts from the BT Wrap products (including associated badged products) to a new investment platform called BT Panorama. InvestmentLink (IL) has been working with BT and Midwinter to cater for the product change and minimise disruption to our data feed customers.  

The migration of the BT Wrap accounts to BT Panorama platform will occur over 4 tranches. Tranche 1 occurred in mid December 2020. In consultation with BT, it has been agreed that the BT Wrap accounts associated with InvestmentLink’s data feed service and AdviceOS will be migrated in Tranches 2, 3 and 4. It has now been confirmed that Tranche 2 is planned for 20 March 2021.

The new BT Panorama data feeds provided to InvestmentLink will not contain historical transactions associated with the old BT Wrap accounts.

InvestmentLink will, as part of the migration process, obtain cross reference tables from BT. Accordingly, InvestmentLink will process the historical transactions under the new BT Panorama accounts for each client. Midwinter will insert the new BT Panorama data feed to the previously mapped BT Wrap feed in AdviceOS.

This process will be followed in all the remaining Tranches as they are migrated. Please note that client platform holdings may be duplicated during this process as the old BT Wrap feeds are removed.

InvestmentLink expect that the changes from Tranche 2 will start to be available to customers in AdviceOS on or around the 23rd and 24th of March 2021.

BT has provided the BT Panorama migration hub for additional information. The hub has been designed for advisers and support staff to provide key details of the broader migration, FAQs and other key updates as they progress through the migration.

If you require further information regarding the BT Panorama migration, please contact [email protected]. The InvestmentLink team will provide further updates as they are available.

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