Case Study: Your Wealth Hub Advice and Midwinter Financial Services

Gavin Glozier, CEO & Principal Financial Adviser at Your Wealth Hub Advice talks about how they use AdviceOS to support their boutique dealer group and advice practice.

“You Wealth Hub Advice offers holistic services to a broad range of clients.

“A lot of what we do is underpinned by ensuring clients live the life that they want to live. We underpin everything with flexible cashflow management and obviously planning for investments, protecting assets and ensuring their estate plans are looked after as well, but at the heart of things it’s really ensuring clients live the life they want to live.

“My role is to bring together all the advice practices so they are working cohesively together and sharing ideas and getting them to feel confident about making calls on how to improve the services that they deliver to their clients. So I’m really a facilitator in the community environment.

“Then in my practice, it’s all about making sure clients feel confident and comfortable to make important financial decisions, so I become the linchpin to their financial decisions going forward.

“We decided to implement AdviceOS because the incumbent software we were using always seemed to change and create issues to out templates and we found this was very cost inefficient, the wastage that we saw in our practice because we kept having to maintain templates and different bits and pieces was not efficient for us. We liked that AdviceOS is simple, has easy to use interface and works well for quick and easy information.

“At a license level, we were easily able to create templates and adjust the templates for each practice that we have, for individual branding and things like that, and nuances they may have around their service proposition. We manage that function centrally and it works very well in that space.

“At a practice level, because we have individually branded SoAs and we have our own themes and what not throughout it, it makes our life a lot easier and it’s all centralised at a license level.

“The best part of AdviceOS is the Client Portal and having everything in one place is really efficient for us. I know at a practice level, beside myself other practices feel the same way, that you can have everything in one place and if you are quickly working through a client scenario you can find exactly what you want very efficiently.

“My job has been made easier through using AdviceOS because of the efficiency around SoA production and the compliance management at a license level. In my practice, having a compliance snapshot has been really important and being able to use the new goals tool has been really efficient as well.

“The businesses that would get value from using AdviceOS, I believe, are businesses that are progressive and want to do more with their CRM software.

“The fact that AdviceOS has open architecture and is able to link into other software means that you can have complete flexibility about what you do with your data and how you’d make more efficiency for your clients going forward.”

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