Midwinter's AdviceOS - Overview

Introduction to Midwinter’s AdviceOS

AdviceOS is Midwinter’s next generation Advice Operating System – delivering quality fully featured advice solutions to your financial planning business.

This enterprise solution utilises the latest in web technology and is suitable for large licensees as well as small practices.

AdviceOS has been under development for two years, and we believe it represents a significant leap forward in financial planning technology.

What’s so different about AdviceOS?

Midwinter have retained the brilliantly simple functionality of Reasonable Basis and used the very latest in cloud computing technology – giving advisers a fully featured system that blows away the competition.

When developing AdviceOS, Midwinter has focused on the needs of the entrepreneurial financial adviser – giving access to vast array of product, strategy and client management tools.

  • AdviceOS manages your clients efficiently,
  • AdviceOS engages your clients intuitively,
  • AdviceOS generates advice rapidly,
  • AdviceOS handles your compliance obligations quickly.

Your new comparative advantage

Blisteringly fast, AdviceOS has the responsiveness of a traditional application in your favourite web browser. AdviceOS gives the adviser access an incredible array of features:

  • Client management system (CMS) – file notes, document storage,
  • FOFA ready – opt-in and disclosure/FDS, management (commission feed linking),
  • Best of breed product modelling, platform projections & comparison with SoA generation (includes full insurance capabilities),
  • Online fact find via secure client portal (for both client and adviser),
  • Online engagement calculators that are shared between client and adviser,
  • Accessible via web and mobile devices,
  • Licensee and compliance monitoring of authorised representatives as well as centralised control of settings and user management.

Hosting and security

Midwinter utilises the lightning fast Amazon Web Service (AWS – world’s largest provider of online solutions) to host AdviceOS in the cloud. There are several benefits in doing this:

  • Scalability – capacity to the web servers can be scaled up or down within minutes,
  • Redundancy – two “instances” of AdviceOS are available to all clients, with each instance located in a different Amazon Availability Zone (AZ) as a failsafe,
  • Elasticity – our elastic load balancers adjust the amount of load balancing capacity needed in response to incoming AdviceOS traffic,
  • Backups – an online mirror (backup) of the live client database is made in real time,
  • Security – safeguard your information while enabling the benefit and value of cloud computing.


  • Midwinter’s current award winning software (Reasonable Basis) will continue to be best of breed and will work in parallel with AdviceOS,
    • AdviceOS leverages off the best advice components of Reasonable Basis whilst incorporating an enterprise online solution,
  • The second phase of AdviceOS will include strategy and SMSF modelling along with data feeds. We expect this to be released in October 2013.
  • Competitive pricing with dealer group discounts available.

Complete control and customisation

Whether you bring-your-own-CRM (BYOCRM), or bring-your-own-commission system (BYOCS), Midwinter can offer an array of customisation options for your enterprise advice business.

AdviceOS is Midwinter’s next generation of online financial planning software

Advanced technology

  • Works across multiple devices
  • Suitable for use on tablets
  • Secure online web access
  • Advanced database

Customer Support

  • Free customer support
  • Online training videos
  • Daily webinars
  • Online support


  • Securely hosted
  • Encrypted
  • Real time backups
  • Advanced database