Our multi-channeled support system

We believe that customer support and training is key to the success of our products. Our aim is to develop software that you will actually use.

Our training, support and troubleshooting is easily accessible and completely interactive. Utilizing the latest in screen sharing technology, our experienced support team can  attend to any software related queries or issues you may have without the need for you to leave your desk.


See below the extensive training and support options made available to AdviceOS users –

Dedicated help desk

Midwinter has a dedicated help desk, which may be contacted on 1300 882 938 for any queries in relation to the use and operation of our software.

Midwinter’s Help Desk is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 6:00pm AEST.

All of our support staff are technical analysts or ex financial planners, are fully conversant in the use of Midwinter’s software and experts on the strategies used in all of our modules.

You can also contact Midwinter via email -info@midwinter.com.au .

Video tutorials

As part of our state-of-the-art training and support system, Midwinter has developed a suite of tutorial playbacks for our users. There are over 30 tutorials currently available on various sections of our software.

The playbacks allow users to listen and watch trained experts using Midwinter’s software at their own convenience. They also allows users to access training on specific areas, as required.

Click here to access our video tutorials.

Live daily webinars

Midwinter’s training and support staff provide users with access to daily webinars which are designed to guide users through different aspects of Midwinter’s software offerings.

Sessions are fully interactive and users are able to ask questions and hear questions and comments from other participants.

Our daily webinars are completely free and are made available to both AdviceOS users and trial subscribers.

Click here to register for one of our training webinars.

MidwinterAssist - screen sharing technology

MidwinterAssist is Midwinter’s online remote training and support tool. MidwinterAssist allows our training and support staff to instantly understand any particular issue or query faced by financial planner users, by logging onto their screen online.

Through the use of this screen-sharing technology, our team member's can view a user’s screen without the need for the user to describe the issue, resolve it on their own or even leave their desk.

This technology dramatically reduces the time required to train a user how to carry out a particular task or to resolve user queries. Being able to control the user’s screen from our help desk means the user can watch how an issue is rectified or a task is carried out.

MidwinterAssist does not require the user to preload any software application on their computer and is accessed via broadband internet.

Click here to access MidwinterAssist.

In house - face to face

For larger practices and institutions Midwinter’s State Managers, Business Development Managers and technical services staff are available for in-house user training and demonstrations.

This allows for members of our team to train multiple users in AdviceOS collectively.

If you are part of a larger practice and think you would benefit from Midwinter's in house tutorials, please contact us on 1300 882 938 and speak with one of our representatives about our face to face training options.