AdviceOS is a true cloud application (as opposed to merely a hosted solution)


This allows us the advantage of being able to scale up or scale out. This is important as we aim for consistent high performance rather than just high performance.


purecloud1AdviceOS can scale up in the cloud

  • Adding more CPU to increase computational performance
  • Adding RAM to increase query and data caching
  • Adding more storage such as SSDs


purecloud1AdviceOS can scale out in the cloud

  • A scale out operation is the equivalent of creating multiple copies AdviceOS and adding a load balancer to distribute the demand between them.
  • When we scale out AdviceOS using Amazon Web Services (AWS) there is no need to configure load balancing separately since this is already provided by AWS.

Being able to scale both up and out allows us to seamlessly scale AdviceOS quickly given different load and performance demands throughout the day, month and year.

Midwinter have employed Melbourne IT in a full-time consultancy capacity to monitor the performance of the service by checking service limits, taking advantage of provisioned throughput, and monitoring for over-utilised instances.


purecloud2Amazon Web Services

Midwinter use Amazon Web Services to host AdviceOS in the cloud. This gives our adviser and licensee clients the following benefits:

  • Enhances the efficiency of their operating model
  • Reduce IT costs
  • Improves speed, flexibility, and agility of infrastructure vs. their current financial planning provider
  • Enables a high-growth business strategy through low-risk provisioning of services in the cloud