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Here at Midwinter, our goal is to continue to lead the industry through our strong and independent vision for the direction of financial planning software in Australia. We love sharing that vision with our followers and we regularly send out valuable content on various topics within the Fintech and Financial Planning space.

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The end of end to end

Technology is changing rapidly and advisers can afford to be more ‘promiscuous’ in their fintech usage, says our Brand Manager – Naomi Christopher

What’s in store for FinTech in 2017?

From the rise of chatbots to evolving social media platforms, 2017 is set to be a year of change for financial services technology, writes Julian Plummer.

The end of end to end – 23rd January 2017

Technology is changing rapidly and advisers can afford to be more ‘promiscuous’ in their fintech usage, Naomi Christopher writes

What LinkedIn’s latest hack means for financial advisers – 18th August 2016

How can advisers shield themselves from cyber threats? Our Managing Director, Julian Plummer explains below…

Ten years in Fintech – 15th July 2016

As Midwinter approaches ten years in Fintech, our Managing Director Julian Plummer explains why every company needs to become a software company.

Midwinter + SuiteBox Integration: NOW LIVE – 19th May 2016

AdviceOS users can now add on SuiteBox as a part of a seamless, compliant and end to end virtual advice solution.

Midwinter’s Federal Budget Survey – 11th May 2016

We asked you what you thought of this year’s Federal Budget and the response was overwhelming….

How has the Modern Client evolved? – 29th March 2016

XY Adviser has organised an evening with David Koch to explore the evolution of financial advice consumers and the things our industry can do to keep up with the change…

Midwinter partners with XY Adviser – 9th October 2015

Midwinter is partnering with XY Adviser to help bring their innovative inaugural event ‘The Modern Adviser’ to Sydney. So why do we love these guys and why do we believe in their vision for this event?

Why SSFS chose Midwinter – 15th September 2015

SSFS invested extensively into a transformation project to ensure sustainability for their future of the business and Midwinter’s AdviceOS was selected as part of their future operating model within this project. Managing Director of SSFS, Michael Monaghan has has detailed why Midwinter was chosen amongst all other software providers, in the article below which has been published in this month’s print edition of Professional Planner.

Investment Trends 2015 – Midwinter emerges top of the heap – 27th July 2015

As many of you would have seen in the media, Investment Trends recently released the results of their 2015 Planner Technology Report. Midwinter is delighted to have come first once again when it came to overall user satisfaction for our planning software solutions. Aside from this award, we have also been ranked first in 18 of the 30 service elements surveyed.

Adviser Innovation 2015 – Let’s get digital! – 14th July 2015

Technology is undoubtedly transforming the world of advice and we are seeing first hand the way that innovations are continuing to shape and alter the way that advisers deliver their services to their clients. Having been so immersed in this area of financial services, we are delighted to also be active participators in devising these innovations – creating our own solutions for advisers, in particular our most recent project under development Midwinter’s Digital Advice solution.

Adviser Innovation 2015 – Turning buzzwords into business – 19th May 2015

We are sure you have all heard the buzzwords – innovation, disruption, scaled advice, OBA, collaborative advice, cloud, fintech, digital advice, robo-advice – the list goes on and on and on. Advisers may not be entirely sure of what they all mean, but one thing is for certain – the world of financial planning is changing and technology is the catalyst for this transformation.

Midwinter’s Robo-Advice survey results – 17th March 2015

Midwinter’s “Robo-Advice Survey” was comprised of responses from over 288 advice professionals, representing over 65 licensees. The “Robo-Advice Survey” took place between 26th February and 5th March 2015 and was specifically designed to target financial advisers & licensees.

Not all cloud computing partners are equal – Choosing a software provider means choosing a business partner – 4th March 2015

Have you undertaken enough due diligence when considering the security of your planning software provider? Managing Director of Midwinter, Julian Plummer explains 

AdviceOS models 100+ scaled and comprehensive advice strategies  – 11th December 2014

We believe modelling strategies is crucial to a modern advice practice – it is what powers advice, gives planner’s their comparative advantage while fulfilling their best interest duties.

What can planners learn from innovative disruption? – 10th February 2014

From Bo Derek Investments, Cockroach Theory, Black Swans to Dead Cat Bounces, no other industry attracts buzzwords quite like financial services. “Innovative disruption” is one of them, as Managing Director of Midwinter, Julian Plummer explains.

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