Advisers need software systems that can speak to each other


What is an API?

Put simply, APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another. An API allows programmers to easily develop applications that communicate with other applications.

How can an API help your business?

Advisers have long been demanding the ability to choose the ‘ingredients’ for their practice from a variety of different locations instead of having to pile up the entire trolley with tech tools from a one-stop shop.

Midwinter’s open API allows for seamless integration with other chosen software applications, putting the choice of how your run your business back into your hands.

In days gone by, integration projects tended to run on for years as organisations struggled to integrate systems built in isolation. Modern cloud systems that adopt API technology now make integration projects far easier and with open API it seems that everyone is now using the same set of compatible LEGO blocks.

Midwinter has invested significantly in the area of software integration in order to allow third party service providers to easily integrate with AdviceOS and our ecosystem.

This allows the various software systems utilised by planners to speak to each other with ease – avoiding double entry of data and saving time spent carrying out back office tasks.

Creating a best of breed software ecosystem 

Midwinter’s API Partners

Midwinter clients can currently plug into the following various software systems –

⇒ PractiFI

Class Super


 Microsoft Dynamics

 Salesforce (in development) 

In addition to this, we have a range of partners on our integration road map for 2018.

We plan for AdviceOS to become a central hub in a planner’s business that will seamlessly integrate (via Open API’s) with an eco-system of other best-of-breed software systems. The eco-system will be open-ended and unrestricted and will encompass a diverse range of opportunities.

If you are a company looking to integrate with Midwinter’s AdviceOS please click on the link below to access our API document and/or contact the Midwinter team on 1300 882 938.

Download our API Document here ⇓

API Program – Data Service API version 4.0