Midwinter's AdviceOS - Online fact find

Client portal and online fact find

AdviceOS allows an adviser to provide all their clients access to a client portal, containing an online fact find with document sharing.

  • Benefit from streamlining the fact find process by giving your clients access to their customised online fact find portal.
  • The client portal is a secure client focused set of web pages that link an adviser to their clients. You can quickly and easily provide clients with a unique user name and password to gain access.
  • The portal contains a range of online calculators that will help an adviser connect and engage their clients. The calculators have been designed with a focus on client usability. Furthermore, clients can also update their details and receive documents from their adviser securely through the online portal. This information and any online client activity can be viewed within AdviceOS.

Midwinter’s online fact find

The client portal can be used to collect and receive new/updated client information from clients, giving you more time to focus on the advice during the review rather than collecting the client’s information.

Midwinter’s unique “round trip” functionality allows advisers to accept or review changes made by their clients in the portal before they are changed in the main AdviceOS database.

Shared documents

The shared document functionality of the client portal allows advisers to exchange important documents securely with their clients. This includes SOAs, ROAs, FDSs, Opt-in notices and FSGs.

Shared documents also provides your clients with records of your advice.

Customised login screen

The client login screen can be tailored to include the adviser’s practice logo, strengthening the practice brand and add to the adviser’s value proposition. The adviser’s name and contact details will also be displayed in the home screen.

Clients using the online portal will also be prompted to call the adviser if they have any questions in regards to the portal.

Why use Midwinter’s online portal?

  • Midwinter will make sure your client portal leaves a great impression and supports your brand.  Give your advice business a professional and credible image with a client portal that provides engaging content to draw client in, providing an exceptional and differentiated experience for them, and  provide the reliability needed to build trust
  • We will help you stay abreast of and embrace new technology.  This is a must in order to reach a broader audience and engage your customers. Whether it’s a new social networking site that pops up, or new software that can enhance your client’s experience, you must adapt with changing and emerging technology so your business will stay current and relevant to your target audience.
  • Don’t deny your client’s hunger for cutting-edge innovations and enhanced experiences, and their devouring of the latest and greatest.  Innovative and creative response to ever-changing consumer expectations is critical for brand leaders.
  • We have anticipated the escalating consumer desire for coolness and beauty in your products and services.  Apple, for example, leverages engagement and loyalty not by delivering “communication” or “entertainment” devices, but by delivering products that are brilliantly simple.
  • Midwinter has recognised your client’s desire for simplicity as complexity of your advice increases. This will result in the convergence of complex advice requirements into simple, expectation-exceeding solutions.

No more messy paper based fact find forms

Collect your client data via the AdviceOS online fact find form and spend more time focusing on your client's needs