AdviceOS – True transformation technology 


Unique to other platforms, Midwinter’s multi-channelled approach to advice technology means that your business transformation projects are simplified with the ability to use one API based cloud software across all facets of the advice process. Our cohesive solution provides a way to engage clients and members at every step of the advice process while at the same time, allowing you to provide advice on the client’s terms.

Whether your  advice strategy includes digital, phone based, work-place or face-to-face, Midwinter can provide you with a software solution to meet all your individual business requirements.

Professional Services

Midwinter is more than just a technology “vendor” – we don’t just install our software, wish you well and walk away. Our goal is to position our enterprise clients so they are ready for the future state of advice.

Our strong experience working with clients on major transformation projects means that our value lies far beyond that of pure technology implementation. We are able to work together with banks, dealer groups and superannuation funds on their road map and journey, providing guidance, recommendations, helping to identify pain points and of course – quick wins.

Advice Consulting

Our Advice Consulting experience enables us to provide our clients with guidance as they look to grow or re-position their advice business – and how technology can assist them to:

  • Increase engagement and interest in advice
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Reduce paraplanning expenses
  • Integrate with other technology providers


The depth of our knowledge when it comes to software integration as well as the maturity of our API means we are able to share our learnings and insights when it comes to CRM and registry integration with our clients.

For more information on our philosophy towards integration click HERE.

Not all businesses have the same needs and Midwinter recognises that. Our aim is to understand your business, identify your existing challenges and tailor our technology to support your end goals.