Midwinter retains #1 rating in industry survey

As many of you would have seen in the media, Investment Trends recently released the results of their 2015 Planner Technology Report. Midwinter is delighted to have come first once again when it came to overall user satisfaction for our planning software solutions. Aside from this award, we have also been ranked first in 18 of the 30 service elements surveyed, of which can be seen below –



  • Overall usefulness
  • Automation
  • Improving value proposition to clients
  • Compliance reporting
  • Practice management support
  • Client engagement tools
  • Production of complex plans
  • Support by vendor
  • Mobile access
  • Practice management reporting
  • Tax planning
  • Production of simple plans
  • Capturing of fact find info
  • Client reviews
  • Scenario modelling
  • Time taken to train new staff
  • Constructing portfolios
  • Integration with platforms
  • Helping to select investments


In particular, Midwinter performed extremely well when it came to producing scaled advice – with Midwinter users taking the least amount of time to produce simple advice. Managing Director of Midwinter – Julian Plummer said of the results, “One of the more interesting findings from this year’s report was that the average time taken by planners across the industry to provide simple advice to both new and existing clients actually increased from 2014. In the context of the findings, Midwinter users however, continued to shave time off scaled advice production for clients – this is our third straight year of being able to do this.”

This years’ report also revealed that software integration was a major topic of interest for advisers, with many expressing the desire for their providers to embrace integration more enthusiastically. Here at Midwinter, our flagship software – AdviceOS has an open API and has been designed specifically with software integration in mind.

On the subject of software integration, Julian backed the findings wholeheartedly, saying “I think what we are seeing is that the need to control the whole of the value chain has gone down. Instead we are witnessing a lot more best-of-breed systems concentrating on what they are best at and then integrating with each other instead of one system that has to do the whole lot. Where Midwinter users are concerned, this allows them to plug in our other partnered software applications in order to suit their Client Value Proposition.”

The team at Midwinter would like to extend our warmest appreciation to the users of our software – we are truly honoured to have delivered such a high level of satisfaction to you all over the past year. We will endeavour once again to take this to the next level in the coming year, continuing with our ongoing goal to make your lives easier through our innovative software solutions.