Your obligation-free trial subscription


Taking a free trial of AdviceOS is your first step towards simplifying your financial planning business, through the use of our pure cloud, fully featured advice solution.

Our trial subscriptions go for approximately four weeks and are completely obligation free. Throughout your trial period, you will have unlimited access to our help desk and support staff, who will happily help you with any queries you have about the software.


To begin your free trial, please simply follow the instructions below –



1. Attend an online training session

In order to obtain trial access, we’d like you to attend an AdviceOS online training session (webinar). We run them every working day!

This will ensure that when you commence your trial, you will be armed with some basic knowledge of how AdviceOS operates, rather than having to navigate through the software blindly.

You can register for an AdviceOS webinar by clicking the below link –

AdviceOS introductory training webinars



2. Complete an application pack


Once you have completed the webinar, we will email you an application form and ‘getting started’ pack. Once the forms are completed (populated with   the below information) and sent back to us, a member of the Midwinter team will get the wheels in motion for your free trial –

  • Practice and dealer group details
  • User contact details and access types
  • Risk profile information including:
    – Risk profile names
    – Expected returns (including income and growth splits)
    – Strategic asset allocations of each risk profile
    – Risk profile questionnaire
  • General settings such as AWOTE & Expected Inflation Rate (CPI)
  • Client segmentation information




3. Receive your passwords

After we have received your completed application pack, we will then send you a username and password via email.

Your trial period will start on the day you receive this email.

Using those details you can access AdviceOS by clicking here.


As mentioned above, during the trial period feel free to contact our help desk for any queries that you may have along the way.

Our support staff can be contacted on 1300 882 938 or by emailing