What is AdviceOS?

AdviceOS is Midwinter’s next generation Advice Operating System – delivering quality fully featured advice solutions to your financial planning business. When developing AdviceOS, Midwinter focused on the needs of the financial adviser – giving access to a vast array of product, strategy and client management tools. Blisteringly fast, AdviceOS has the responsiveness of a traditional application in your favourite web browser. AdviceOS gives the adviser access to the following features:

  • Client management system (CMS) – file notes, document storage, email, marketing campaigns, bulk actions,
  • FOFA ready –FDS management linked to commission feeds,
  • Best of breed product modelling, platform projections & comparison with SoA generation (includes full insurance capabilities),
  • Online fact find via secure client portal (for both client and adviser),
  • Online engagement calculators that are shared between client and adviser,
  • Accessible via web and mobile devices,
  • Licensee and practice compliance monitoring


What is the first step in getting a trial of AdviceOS?

Before issuing a trial, Midwinter requests that you attend one of our AdviceOS Introduction and Overview webinars so that you have a basic understanding of the functionality of AdviceOS.

To register for one of these webinars, please go to https://www.midwinter.com.au/webinars/ find the Introduction and Overview webinar that you are available to attend and click register.

You will receive a confirmation email from Midwinter’s National Training Manager with details on how to access the webinar that you have enrolled for.


Does AdviceOS work on my Mac?

AdviceOS is able to be accessed by any computer with an active internet connection. This is one of the many advantages of AdviceOS being in ‘the cloud’.


What is Microsoft Silverlight and why do I need to download this to use AdviceOS?

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool for delivering rich internet applications and media experiences on the internet. AdviceOS uses the Silverlight presentation layer to provide responsive access to modelling and SOA production. A Silverlight plug-in will automatically be installed the first time a user logs in on each computer.


Does AdviceOS work on tablets and mobile phones?


Midwinter has created a hybrid solution so that an adviser can access their AdviceOS database on their tablet/ mobile phone. If the adviser logs on to www.adviceos.com.au/webaccess and types in their login details, they will access the adviser portal. In here you are able to create and view file notes, create and edit the client details, as well as being able to edit and view existing cashflow analysis.


Can I transfer my current client data from my current software into AdviceOS?

Midwinter has established a unique two-step data transfer process, which aims to get your client data into AdviceOS as quickly as possible.

  • Basic – import basic client information quickly, including name, contact details, employment info, income, assets & liabilities.
  • Complex – merge more complex client information after this e.g. file notes, emails and documents.

We will not be able to migrate:

  • Workflows & tasks,
  • Calendar information


Can I purchase AdviceOS without the BaseOS functionality?

No, BaseOS is a mandatory requirement for all AdviceOS users.

This package allows users to access their clients and complete such activities as file notes, tasks, emails, documents, as well as access into the PlanBuilder module.


Do I have to pay for every client that has access to the client portal?

The client portal is not charged on a per client basis.

If you choose to purchase the client portal you can potentially create thousands of personalised client portals all for the same price.



Is it possible to use my own template in AdviceOS?

You are able to customise any template which Midwinter has made available.
Midwinter offers every user standardised template structures so that they are able to generate reports in every module.


How do I begin my AdviceOS subscription?

Please call our helpdesk on 1300 882 938 and we will forward an application pack to you with all the relevant information and instructions required to get your account set up and running.


Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for? Feel free to get in touch with us via the Contact Us page call our support desk on 1300 882 938 or email us at info@midwinter.com.au and we will answer any queries you may have.