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AdviceOS March 2015 Update

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Over the last month, several different features have been added to AdviceOS, to enhance user experience. Here at Midwinter, we are regularly taking note of the feedback that our users provide us, so we can continue to innovate our software and offer you a high level of financial planning technology support.

Click HERE to access our most recent information fact sheet on AdviceOS configuration settings and discover all the latest features within AdviceOS Below –


Introducing to Midwinter’s AdviceOS – ROA builder

Midwinter’s AdviceOS is now offering practices the ability to generate a Record of Advice (ROA) within our software. This feature is brand new and is still in BETA form. You will be able to access the Midwinter default ROA in the “Plan Builder” section of your software.


Unlimited custom folders

One of Midwinter’s many talented software developers, Jay Wickramarachchi, has created a new feature within AdviceOS – the ability to have unlimited custom folders. In the “Clients Records” section of your software (see below) where users were previously limited to 6 custom folders, you may now have an unlimited amount. Within “custom folders” you may also have folders within folders.

This has been made available in AdviceOS on both a Practice and Dealer Group level.

subfolders picture


Send your clients text appointment reminders

Midwinter’s AdviceOS now contains a feature that allows advisers to send SMS messages to their clients via the software – a simple yet powerful way to give your clients the impression that they are important and are being looked after.

All you will need is a ‘prepaid SMS balance’ and a few configurations before the functionality will be up and running and can be used by AdviceOS users.

A “prepaid SMS” balance can be updated via the User Admin screen. Once the balance is consumed, AdviceOS will create a task and assign it to one of the users to remind them to reset it.

To welcome in this new functionality, Midwinter is giving away 100 prepaid SMS’s to every AdviceOS user! The regular cost to update your ‘SMS balance’ is $100 for a pack of 500, or $200 for a pack of 1,000.

Click HERE for more details on how to implement the SMS functionality.


New FSG management options

Also new in this last month is the FSG Management feature, whereby within the “Configuration Settings” section of AdviceOS you may have different versions of a FSG, rather than be limited to only one (as has been the case previously). This enables you to update your FSG on file to reflect the most recent period or a particular client’s FSG.

This function is available on both a Practice and Dealer Group level.


Client Notes option added
After receiving your feedback, Midwinter has now provided AdviceOS users with the option to enter notes about their client in the edit client (fact find) section of their software (See below). This is a place where advisers can add, view and quickly access general notes about their clients.

Client Notes Picture
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