Run your business in real time


The cloud based nature of AdviceOS means that licensees are able to make data led decisions on product usage, sales pipeline, Funds Under Management and compliance – all reflected in real time.


AdviceOS has a strong AFSL / Practice / Office / Adviser hierarchy and all the below features and settings can be applied to anywhere within this hierarchy.


❄ Reporting 

AFSL statistic, AFSL overviews (i.e diagnostics, documents, tasks, auto notifications), commisions. AdviceOS has the ability to produce a myriad of detailed reports, including standardised reports on clients, users, products, SoAs (and a whole lot more) in addition to the ability to produce custom reports set by the licensee.


❄ Tasks and workflows  

AdviceOS has a fully configurable business staff activity, task and workflow system. AdviceOS uses Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) to manage its workflow functionality. The Workflows and tasks can be assigned to roles, positions or teams. The Workflow reporting functionality can be used to provide business with tools to analyse completion rates and other important user activity statistics.


❄ Compliance (FOFA, SoA monitoring)


❄  AFSL settings


❄ Ability to set risk profiles and expected rates of return for asset classes


❄ Approved lists


❄ Model portfolios


❄ Adviser permissions


❄ Email templates


❄ Configurable module access to functionality


❄ Audit trails


❄ Audit access – allows the audit user to motion diagnostics of all users



Save time and $$$ on Setup

Midwinter provides licensees with a pre-configured go live solution which can be tailoured to meet any business requirements. This means the time taken from sign up to go live is minimal.

The simplicity of AdviceOS’s means that Licensees won’t have a problem configuring the solution themselves with no need for a third party. Of course, Midwinter is more than happy to assist in this process if desired.