Midwinter regains #1 rating in industry survey  



Midwinter is pleased to announce that its financial planning software has achieved the highest overall user satisfaction in 2014 Investment Trends Planner Technology Survey.

This is the fifth time in six years that Midwinter has achieved this.

About the survey

Overall user satisfaction in planning software fell by 1% during the year.

Other planning solutions used by the advisers surveyed by Investment Trends included XPLAN, AdviserNETgain, COIN, AdviserLogic, Provisio and Salesforce.com

This year’s survey added in the client engagement tools and mobile access elements


Midwinter’s performance


Midwinter had highest average user satisfaction ratings in more service elements than any other planning software provider.

  • Midwinter had highest average user satisfaction ratings in 23 of 27 categories (in 2014), up from 13 of 25 (in 2013).

Among planners who use only one planning software, those using Midwinter were found to be the fastest in producing a full SOA for a typical client:

  • The average time taken to produce an SOA by Midwinter users was 5 hours and 41 minutes,
  • Difference between fastest and slowest was 31 minutes.

Midwinter users were the quickest compared to their peers in providing simple advice to existing clients:

  • The average time taken to produce simple advice by Midwinter users was 2 hours and 10 minutes.


Media contacts
Naomi Christopher

Senior Manager – Brand