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AdviceOS provides advisers with the most sophisticated advice modelling abilities for both scaled and comprehensive (strategy and product) advice topics combined with a brilliantly simple user interface. 




Benefits for Advisers include  –


❄  Tasks and workflows

AdviceOS has a fully configurable business staff activity, task and workflow system. AdviceOS uses Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) to manage its workflow functionality. The Workflows and tasks can be assigned to roles, positions or teams. The Workflow reporting functionality can be used to provide business with tools to analyse completion rates and other important user activity statistics.


❄  Point of sale system 

AdviceOS allows you to illustrate both simple and complex strategies in front of your clients with a beautiful user interface.


❄  Streamlined advice process

Advisers can go from their initial client appointment to complete advice generation via easy escalation processes to support staff or para-planning teams within the one application.


❄ Data led marketing campaigns 

AdviceOS uses sophisticated data mining tools to allow you create targets marketing campaigns based on your own filters.


❄ Open Architecture

Midwinter’s open API means that our software seamlessly integrates within our approved ecosystem of financial services technology providers.


❄ Client segmentation

AdviceOS provides you with a configured automated pricing schedule


❄ Document management system

Share documents with clients with ease


❄ Compliance 

AdviceOS assists with all your compliance obligations, giving you more time to spend in front of your clients (Identification, FSG, privacy policies, disclosure, TFN, Opt In, FDS, etc).


❄ Comprehensive online fact find

AdviceOS’s online fact find (which takes into account joints, companies, trusts and SMSFs) allows your clients to complete and provide their information from where ever they are, whenever they like. Advisers are alerted when their client signs in, updates or alters any information.


❄ Dedicated and attentive support desk 

Available Monday Friday between 8.30AM and 6PM (AEST time) to answer all technical or customer queries you may have.


❄ Daily training webinars, video tutorials and our very own online training portal – the Midwinter Academy

We ensure you are fully versed in all aspects of the software and you aren’t left in the dark when it comes to new enhancements or features.


❄ FundsBase

Access to fees and features research on over 1300 super pension and non super investment platforms.



Save time & money on switching & setup


The setup cost of many technology solutions can be crippling for practices. AdviceOS rids business owners of this unnecessary cost by providing them with a solution that is pre-configured and ready to run from day one. Practices migrating to Midwinter’s AdviceOS have access to our efficient and speedy two step data transition process.

Midwinter provides practices with a pre-configured go live solution which can be tailored to meet any business requirements. This means the time taken from sign up to go live is minimal.



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