Meet your members where they’re hanging out


Midwinter’s advice solution for superannuation funds takes your members through a friction-less advice journey that provides engagement and ensures retention.


It’s no secret that the world is increasingly moving online. As consumers continue to engage with products and services digitally, it is important to ensure that superannuation funds don’t fall behind. Midwinter has developed an advice solution for superannuation funds which can begin from your members’ mobile phones, anytime and anywhere.

Our solution for superannuation funds allows you to take your fund into the digital age, by providing an omni-channelled approach to advice. This means regardless of the mode of advice delivery (digital, phone based, face-to-face) your members are receiving advice on their own terms.


Why choose Midwinter?


1.       Digital is an increasingly mobile first experience

A study conducted jointly by Google and Galaxy in June 2015 discovered that 74% of Australians rely on their phones at least as much as they rely on their desktops, when searching for information, ideas or advice.

Indeed, smart phone and tablet usage in Australia and around the globe has continued to increase rapidly in recent years whilst pc/laptop usage has stagnated, with smart phone and tablet use overtaking PC usage in 2014.

Especially for Millennials, ‘mobile’ is not merely seen as a desired quality, it is an essential one.

Why does this matter to superfunds?

Unlike most other solutions, Midwinter’s digital advice solution has been specifically designed for smartphone or tablet. This ‘mobile first’ design means you will be meeting your members where they are already typically ‘hanging out’ i.e their smart phone or device. With Midwinter’s digital advice solution, your members aren’t limited to their PCs – they can partake in your advice process from whichever device they prefer, anytime, anywhere.


2.      Digital is the onramp to full financial advice

Uniquely, Midwinter’s advice solutions cater for the full range of advice delivery channels, from self-directed, phoned based, workplace and face to face, so that superannuation funds are able to tailor their own advice model using the one platform.

Escalation points can be set in place between channels to ensure that members receive the most appropriate advice for their situation.




3.     Advice in real time

Midwinter’s technology solutions allow advisers and members to generate and implement advice in real time through our open API design. With pre-existing integrations with several registry systems and CRMs, Midwinter has simplified straight-through-processing for superannuation funds.


Benefits for members 

 Mobile first technology

❄ Readily accessible from any smart phone or device

❄ Intuitive and easily navigated user interface 

❄ Escalation points in place throughout all advice channels to allow for appropriate advice

❄ Access to calculators and concept illustration tools

❄ Access to compliance documents

❄ Advice based on the latest legislation using our powerful modelling engine 

❄ Consistent output from public calculators, digital and face-to-face

❄ Information can be used in the generation of member benefit statements

❄ Single sign on via the member portal


Benefits for Superannuation Funds

 Low touch, low cost member engagement at scale (via digital)

❄ The ability to engage your members digitally – i.e where they are already hanging out (smart phones or devices)

❄ Solution comes as Software as a Service (SAAS) meaning Midwinter takes the full responsibility for deployment,  

      maintenance and security 

❄ Omni-channelled – Midwinter’s solution is provides the technology for all channels of the advice process – digital,

     phone based, work place, face to face. 

❄ Fully configurable – no third part customisation required

❄ Available off the shelf, bringing the cost of implementation down

❄ Open architecture / Open API 

❄ Easy to edit state of advice templating

❄ Full reporting on member usage

❄ Full audit trail and client records

❄ Consistent compliant outputs and Statement of Advice documents


For more information on Midwinter’s advice solutions for Superannuation funds, please call 1300 882 938 or email

Alternatively, you can get in contact with our Head of Institutional Growth – Salvador Saiz on 0400 214 391 or