building blocksTailor your own software package

Midwinter’s AdviceOS is a pure cloud, enterprise SaaS, CRM and financial modelling solution for financial advisers and accountants. Because of the customized way in which AdviceOS is structured, users of Midwinter’s AdviceOS are able build a their own package structure in line with the individual needs of their advice business.

Using BaseOS as a mandatory foundation, users can tailor their software subscription by choosing from the following package options –

Base AdviceOS Package

  • AdviceOS access
  • Basic client management & File notes
  • Web and tablet (Mobile) access
  • Comprehensive document storage
  • Dashboard reporting – client and users statistics
  • Plan Builder (SOA generation)
  • Access to user control and settings
  • Email functionality & basic tasks management
The AdviceOS Base Package comes with a set comprehensive client management tools designed to cater for the individual needs of your financial planning business.

It will allow users to create clients, link clients to spouses and other entities, manage client segments and service offerings. The Base Package will also allow head office staff to conduct compliance and adviser reviews.

Users can create and edit file notes for clients and client groups - and access any client documents and the reports produced by modelling tools.

Advanced Admin (including FOFA tools)

  • Monitor opt-in and generate renewal notices
  • Client and insurance pivot tools
  • Fee Disclosure Statement (FDS) generation
  • Commission feed links to Easy Dealer and other providers
  • Client segmentation based on adviser value propositions
  • Match clients to commission payments
  • Email campaigns and bulk client actions
The AdviceOS FoFA Package provides advisers access to a number of tools which allow them to manage client segmentation, opt-in, client service agreements, brokerage data feeds and generate FDSs.

This package is only available to advisers, and can be accessed by any staff who can view the adviser’s clients.

Head office staff can also use the AdviceOS FoFA Package to monitor compliance at the practice and adviser level with the new regulations.

Product Package

  • FundsBase
  • Total Product Replacement
  • Super to Super
  • Super to Pension
  • Invest to Invest
  • Pension to Pension
The AdviceOS product package guides advisers in satisfying their Best Interests Duty and related obligations as outlined in ASIC’s RG 175. The product package assists advisers in satisfying the steps required to provide a ‘safe harbour’ in regards to their product switching advice.

Drawing from Midwinter’s database of super, investment and pension platforms, it provides industry-best true-to-life projections, highlighting the impact of switching, generating product replacement statements and more.

Insurance Package

  • Premiums based on a range of selection criteria
  • Life, TPD, Trauma, Income Protection, Business expenses
  • Compare a range of selected features
  • Fully integrated with Midwinter’s Needs Analysis
  • Rice Warner scoring
  • Commission calculations on either full or nil commission basis
  • Retail/group along with inside and outside of super
Midwinter’s Insurance Package includes a comprehensive insurance comparator and a needs analysis tool for both retail and group insurance.

The Insurance Package is designed to decrease the amount of time it takes to prepare and document your risk advice, leveraging off Rice Warner research that gives the user access to one of Australia’s largest insurance premiums and features databases.

Client Portal Package

  • Client login
  • Online fact find system
  • Clients can update their details
  • Round trip - advisers can access their client's details
  • Snapshot functionality - advisers can snapshot client details
  • Online client engagement calculators
The Client Portal Package is designed to streamline the provision of advice to clients by providing them with access to a fully integrated online fact find system, with a set of secure online interactive calculators.

The calculators are designed to act as a call to action, allowing clients to identify shortfalls in their current situation themselves.

Clients of AdviceOS advisers can also access the portal from mobile devices.

Datafeed Package

  • Investor profile
  • Tax structure
  • Performance
  • Current asset allocation
  • Portfolio updates
  • Portfolio performance analysis
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Corporate actions
It is essential for financial advisers to utilise an efficient and easy mechanism for the consolidation of their client's investment and portfolio data, to ensure that this information is available when they need it.

Data is fed into AdviceOS on a "next day" basis, allowing the adviser to keep portfolios up to date and provide accurate client reporting and fund data when modelling and providing reviews.

Strategy Package

  • Comprehensive cashflow and capital modelling
  • Retirement gap analysis
  • Transition to retirement
  • Contribution optimisation
Providing advisers with the most comprehensive strategy and optimisation modelling tools available, the AdviceOS Strategy Package will allow combine flexibility with ease-of-use.

The current generation of financial planning software makes advisers, their paraplanners and admin staff, work long and hard to achieve effective investment and gearing strategy outcomes. The AdviceOS Strategy Package will take you from a fact find to a optimised strategy outcome and SOA in minutes.

Portfolio Review & Research Package

  • Access to managed fund research (over 11,000 funds)
  • Integrated product profiles
  • General fund information
  • Ability to compare multiple investment options
  • Comprehensive reporting
The AdviceOS Portfolio Review Package will give advisers access to Australia's most powerful portfolio management functionality, leveraging off Morningstar's managed fund database to research, create, and analyse portfolios of investments that meet your clients objectives.

Fully integrated with the AdviceOS Product Packages, the Portfolio Review and Research Package will give advisers the edge when constructing portfolios for their clients.

Digital Advice Solution

  • Speak to your Licensee!
Midwinter has developing automated algorithm based applications for advisers, allowing you to provide a service to your clients where they will be able to undertake simplistic strategies using their digital device of choice.

We're excited about offering a new means of financial advice delivery that will expand your service offering. Naturally, our Digital Advice Solution will be completely compatible with our existing software- sharing a database, modelling tools and client portal with AdviceOS.